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Best Online English Courses For Kids

Looking for the best online English courses for kids? We got you covered! If you are thinking of signing your kid on a coding course as well, check out what are the best coding courses for kids. The earlier they start learning, the better.

Why the English online classes?

When you are a non-native, learning English is one of the best investments. The English language is kind of the world’s universal language. If you can speak it, you can communicate in almost any part of the planet Earth. For that reason, kids who start early and learn to speak English early have more chances of succeeding in life. It opens the horizons and provides more opportunities. Not to mention that the brain of a kid is like a sponge, it absorbs every information way faster than the adult person.

Today, the internet provides way more opportunities to gain new skills. Learning foreign languages has never been easier. The online classes are just a couple of clicks away. You can choose a tutor that your kid likes and make the learning process more fun for them. Also, there are visual aids that can help your child to memorize information faster and better.

Therefore, learning English by taking online classes is very convenient and affordable. You can fit the online classes into the schedule more easily. At the same time, your child will have more fun while learning.

The best online English classes for kids

Some online learning services offer online tutoring, while other websites or applications offer the service without tutoring. Check them out and decide what is the best option for you and your child. Here are the best services for learning English online.

1. Preply

Preply offers one-on-one English learning where your child gets a tutor. In this case, a tutor is focused only on your child which raises the chances of better learning. When in a group, tutors are focused on more children where your kid might easily miss something. This means that an online tutor can prepare the tests and practices based on the level your child is on. Also, it means that your child won’t lose interest or focus. The best thing about Preply is that is totally flexible when it comes to organizing classes.

2. NovaKid

On the other hand, NovaKid is not that flexible. You can’t choose a tutor for your child. But, once you get one, a tutor and your child will go through the material and your child will have a 1-on-1 tutor. When compared with Preply, NovaKid offers significantly cheaper classes, which is great if you are looking for an affordable online course that offers a tutor.


3. Lingokids

The Lingokids app is a great way of learning English. This educational app has a colorful interface that kids find interesting. But, the app relies on parents to help out the kids while learning. So, this app is great if you plan to be involved in your kid’s classes.

4. Duolingo

If you are looking for an app that your child can use independently and on a smartphone, this is the app for you. This worldwide popular app is easy to use and fun. But it is limited mostly to vocabulary and learning new words. So, if you are looking for classes that will cover each aspect of English learning, maybe it is better to search for a tutor. On the other hand, if you are looking for an app to get your kid started, to learn the basics, or improve their vocabulary, Duolingo is the right choice.

5. British Council: Learn English Kids

The British Council website offers a lot of content for fun learning. There are reading, writing, and listening exercises, grammar and vocabulary exercises, games, jokes, etc. Get all of these for free and your child will have a lot of fun learning. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel, as well.


Learning English is a necessity today and that will not change in the near future. It is better to get your child to learn the English language as early as possible. When you decide to take online classes for your child, you will have multiple options. The best option is to take a one-on-one tutor that can focus only on your child. Or you could get one of the great online apps which are getting better by the day. Apps are colorful, fun and keep the children interested. And the third option is to get different resources like various exercises, games, etc.